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In addition to my research projects, I engage in scientific committees, both nationally and internationally. I am also active in advancing equality, equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and I co-created a not-for-profit organization to promote ocean conservation.

I am a member of the Ethics Committee of AniBOS, an international network part of the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS). It provides freely available oceanographic data collected through biologging, and biotelemetry devices deployed on marine animals. By collecting oceanographic data from the most inaccessible regions of the global seas from diving animals around the globe and making them freely available to the scientific community, AniBOS aims at enhancing our observing capabilities and our understanding of changing oceans. AniBOS has been endorsed by UNESCO's  UN Ocean Decade as a Decade Project 2021 – 2030.


I am a member of the French Commission specialized in Innovative and Transverse Instrumentation initiatied by the National Institute of Universe Sciences (INSU) of Centre National For French Scientific Research (CNRS). Our aim is to promote the development of innovative instruments for the observation and analysis of our environment, and to facilitate the transfer, application and valorization of these tools from one domain to others when possible and relevant.

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I am a co-leader, along with Dr Muriel Visani a Computing Scientist at La Rochelle University France, of the 'Biologging, Remote Sensing and AI Applications in Environmental Sciences' team of EU-CONEXUS, a collective of European universities that came together to create the European University for Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability.


Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Well-Being Committee

I created an Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Well-Being committee at my institute, in which the 20 members actively engage in actions to promote a better, more equal, diverse, inclusive and well-balanced work environment. We are also closely associated with the Equality department of our associated university.


I am the co-founder of Wings & Dives, a not-for profit international collective of academic marine biologists, ecologists and biostatisticians who work together to promote ocean conservation. This goal of this marine ecology research initiative is to promote conservation of our oceans' health, biodiversity and sustainability. To do so, we lead science-based projects on environmental issues that marine ecosystems and species currently face.

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